Thursday, 16 December 2010


     So I set out at the beginning to make a music video and a poster for the artist; unfortunately I have had to change my idea due to various problems: my own recording at the start not being ready, actors not being able to film and weather conditions over the past three weeks have made it hard to do things, both in and out of college. After changing my idea from my own music to someone else's, I had the idea for Alvin Youngblood Hart's song, 'Joe Friday' but found this to be a story type of song in which the video would have to follow exactly the lyrics of the song or the video would not make sense. I also did not have any ideas for social or economical factors for the video to this song; which I why I chose Shane MacGowan's acoustic cover of 'Dirty Old Town' originally recorded by Ewan MacColl. This I thought had great potential for a music video with both social and economical factors to work with. The song is about, as the name suggests, a dirty old town. Originally written in manchester this song has been widely covered by irish folk bands, most notably: The Pogues and The Dubliners. I thought it would be a good idea to cover the Northern Ireland troubles and IRA war against british soldiers in Ireland. Unfortunately I couldn't film my ideas so I had to resort to cutting scenes from an original film and video footage of troubles in Ireland and the IRA.
     My poster idea, I didn't have problems with it but I decided to do an album cover instead. I thought I would get an image that would represent a dirty old town and I had the perfect Idea. I photographed an art piece I did for a GCSE art project which involves: old/used cigarettes, bottle caps, broken bottles and used needles. I thought this would work well with the video seeing as I had cut together scenes from the film Trainspotting.

     I am not overly pleased with the final work that I have created because, I thought that I had started off well but got to lazy in the end; not being able to finish things I had started and not committing to previous ideas. If I could do things differently I would definitely plan more from the start. I had made a time management plan and a timeline of work flow but through changing ideas I had to 'scrap' this. For my next project I will definitely plan all my work down to the last detail, try and get everything done on time and ofcourse but in effort all the way through and not just for certain parts.

     In this project I have learnt many things from different lessons and lecturers: I have learnt to set up microphones and record instruments for musical aspects of media. I have learnt photography, how to use pin-hole cameras, how to reverse images, how to use many photographic techniques on pictures - I already know how to use photoshop quite well. Most importantly I have learnt how to use the camera; learning how to manual and auto focus shots to get a professional feel to my work and how to use different shots and shot techniques to my advantage - to get my point as a director across. I have also learnt how to use Final Cut Pro, a video editing software for Mac OS X. This is useful because it captures all the footage off the camera and I can edit it together to my own standards.
Overall I have learnt how to work individually on a project, rather than just social loafing in groups as I normally do, I have found out that being a director is more than simply telling the cast and crew what to do but the director is in charge of everything. This being: budgets, actors, locations, storyboards, imagery and everything that a film involves.

     I am pleased with the result though, despite my work ethic being messy sometimes and my organisational skills being pretty poor.

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