Thursday, 4 November 2010

Test Recording

     I had a test recording of my acoustic guitar following the last post. I didn't use all the miking techniques on the video because you can hear how they are different on the video. I chose the basic ones to use because they sounded the best.
     Okay so I recorded three versions of the song's intro and played them back.. here they are.

Rec1 - (1ft away from the 12th fret of the guitar)

     I found some problems with this one, firstly its a bit noisy (too much gain) but if I moved it closer to the sound hole it would be so 'bassy'. Also you could clearly hear the squeaks from the slide (thats probably just my playing, I would compare the glass slide with a metal one but... metal ones are expensive). So I tried miking near the bridge.

Rec 2 - (near bridge)

     I found with this one, a much better sound quality, I'm not sure whether it was just further away but you couldn't hear the slide squeaks; you could, however hear the picking but, thats not a big issue. The downside was, although the sound was good, it was still a bit 'bassy' being near the sound hole.

Rec 3 - combination of Rec1 & Rec 2 (2 microphones, one near the bridge, the other one foot away from 12th fret)

     This recording has all the good bits from the other two but also, has every bad bit. The two sounds (gain & bass) work extremely well together, it was an amazing sound coming from a pretty old guitar (about 30 years old) but also you could hear the squeaks, squeals, picking and scratching noises.. thats why I have chosen to use Rec 2 because it sounds the best without all the unwanted noise.

     Here is a picture I did on Pages illustrating how I miked the guitar up.

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