Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Starting to Plan

     The first decision I had to make was; should I do an existing band or make my own music? I am still not sure on this. I have three/four days to record my own music (by the end of the week) and every string instrument I own has snapped strings.
     I kind of already have my idea, "Alvin Youngblood Hart - Joe Friday" I would either use this piece of music, cover it or write a song in the style of this piece (slide guitar). This is a bit of a mission to do in less than a week but i will try and if I fail then.. I will just choose an existing song.

      Starting to Plan: I have made a few mind maps outlining my plan of the project, they are still rough but I will scan them in when i get a chance. I also need to make a timeline of what i am doing both in lessons and outside of lessons/college.
      Initial Ideas: Even though i have not really decided on the music for the project I have a rough idea on what the music video will be like; it will be a video based on blues music which will bring up emotive imagery such as: poverty, depression and loneliness. I also have a rough idea of where it will be set: Marazion, Newlyn, Mousehole or Halsetown. These places have very 'run down' areas about them which would be good for the lyrics to the music and I think would work well.

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