Thursday, 4 November 2010

planning the recording

     I've been watching Dustin Prinz Tutorial (recording acoustic guitar) and blogging as I watch; because of slow buffering the video stops anyway so I have time until it loads.
     Firstly, Dustin gives a few basic tips for recording such as: having new strings on your guitar and tuning before every take. I already knew this so got new strings yesterday, stretched them out and tuned to open D  (DADF#AD) - this is the most commonly used tuning for slide guitar, although some people customize the tuning.
     He then starts off with a basic recording technique, having the mic a meter away from the 12th fret on the guitar. We have used this before in music and found it to work well, it is close to the sound hole but not too close that is is to 'bassy' and not far away enough to sound bad.
     After he used this, he showed another technique in which the mic (this time he uses a different mic) four feet off the ground and a few feet away, pointing at the sound hole. He gave a top which I didn't know that is, "when you're recording, always wear headphones and move the microphone around to hear the different noises on the program you're using."
Its hard to write this without making it sound like a list like, 'he went that way, then this way, then another way' but it is a list.. so, sorry if you're bored whilst reading. He then used two mics, both four feet off the ground and one either side of the guitar. one pointing at the sound hole, one pointing at the neck/head. He calls this, "Stereo Pair Recording".
     After this he used another technique but changed it, he had a mic 6 inches away from the 12th fret at a 45° angle to the guitar. The other mic was in the same position, four feet off the ground and pointing at the sound hole.
     The last technique he showed is having one mic directly infront of the sound hole of the guitar, at a 45° angle, pointing at the 14th fret of the guitar. The other mic is set behind him, over his shoulder at 'forehead height'. The mic is pointing directly down at the guitar's bridge.
     I have only used one of these before so in the next lesson I will experiment with all of them to get the best sound possible from the guitar.

     I'll blog how it goes....

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