Tuesday, 9 November 2010

New Direction

     After all the effort I put into writing a song and recording I've decided to use an existing song. I've come to this decision after trying to record a few times and not getting the right sound and musically, the song I wrote is pretty bad - for this reason I'm going to use another song. I'm not quite sure on what to pick, I had Alvin Youngbloog Hart - 'Joe Friday' but after reviewing some ideas I found that I would have to stick to the lyrics because its set like a story and any other video wouldn't look right with it. I thought of choosing a band that I don't really like, just to get used to working with things I don't like. I thought of an indie or rock band, not that well known so I can create an image for the band. Working with existing, well known bands is hard because they already have an 'image'.

     I will update what song i have chosen.

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