Monday, 8 November 2010

Led Zeppelin band posters

     If you are researching band posters, chances are you have seen the Zeppelin posters, they are iconic and considered trademarks in themselves. I have three posters for the 1977 US tour, two in general and one for New York.

This is the main poster for the tour, it has the bands name in stretched, bold font; the date of country are also well visible and at the bottom are the lists of what states/cities they are playing in. Everything about this poster is iconic: the trademark 'fallen angel' is now a cult image used for the majority of Zeppelin merchandise. The next is the name, the font is recognizable to the band even if you haven't heard the music before. These along with the bands trademark individual signs: Page, Jones, Bonham and Plant.

This next one is the same tour but for a specific city, New york (Madison Square Garden). This poster is alot different from the iconic general poster. This, although has the trademark Zeppelin font/title, the lettering is very late 60's style psychedelic. This poster is more intent on getting the image of the band across whereas the other poster didn't even have the band on the poster. The New York one has lead singer Robert Plant along with guitarist Jimmy Page in mid 'action' to [I think] get the image across of the band being a bit crazy. Led Zeppelin were known for having extremely energetic and 'crazy' live shows but, despite the massive rock shows they were also known for not being in the papers often.. for bad things anyway. The band tried to make this their main concern, they, unlike other bands, tried to keep out of the papers for doing bad and 'rock'n'rolly' type things.

This design was first a basic poster or handout for the US 1977 tour but has since become an icon and the band's most recognizable feat. This is now a cult t-shirt and it is thought nowadays to be 'cool' to have one, many celebrities recently have been seen in Led Zeppelin t-shirts walking around LA and Hollywood.

I want to create a poster like these, simple but gets the point across.. ideally, I could make an amazing logo/image and years later it would be an icon of an era but.. I will try my best just to make it as good as I can. I have seen these and reviewed them, gotten ideas that posters don't always have to full of colour and complex; like these show, a good poster is sometimes just a simple poster.

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