Thursday, 11 November 2010

New song

     I have decided to chose a new song, instead of 'Joe Friday', I thought that to be quite a hard song to follow because the lyrics follow a storyline and a video which didn't follow it wouldn't really go. I have chosen 'Dirty Old Town' acoustic cover by Shane Macgowan.usic video to it; so I chose this for my music video. Originally written by Ewan MacColl and made famous by The Dubliners. This song has been covered by 30+ artists and I listened to a few. I think that The Pogues version, especially Shane MacGowan's acoustic cover was the best.
     Here is the link to the song - Dirty Old Town acoustic

     And here is the original cover - Dirty Old Town - The Pogues

I think the acoustic is much better because it is just Macgowan and two guitars, opposed to The Pogues with these accompanied by: drums, violin, banjo, mandolin and tin whistle. The acoustic version (I think) has much more exuberance to it.

I will post more soon.

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