Thursday, 11 November 2010

Band Logos

     For my poster design, i've decided to look at other artists logos and fonts to get inspiration and see how they market and brand themselves.
I looked at a few logos from different genres of music to get ideas about what my artist logo would be. Considering he is a Blues artist there could be many options to go with: dirty south feel, old/broken guitars (jack white), Tennessee whiskey.. people sitting on the porch on hot summer nights playing dueling banjos. New york/Chicago style blues, inner city, poverty, living on the street - under bridges. He could even have a trademark of always wearing a three piece suit with a bowler hat.
     The first logo I looked at was Parkway Drive's logo off their most recent album (horizons).

 Left. This logo has a calligraphy style font with, what looks like gothic and western style influences. If I say this logo without knowing the band, I would assume they were an old swing band or pop group. The name itself 'Parkway Drive' is an unusual name a death metal/screamo band. The name came from the lead singer not wanting to be like all the other metal artists with names like "blood on the hands with wings". The band themselves are not what you would call metal-looking either; they are all pretty good surfers from the east coast of Australia. Other metal bands are generalised by having long greasy hair and dark clothes, Parkway wear flip flops to their gigs, tshirts and shorts - they all have 'surfer hair'. The lead singer could have become a professional bodyboarder, and guitarist a professional surfer but they chose music instead. The reason I chose this logo is because, well they are my favourite band.. and because its a bit like the Rogue Status font and I like them. They are very eye-catching therefore I will be experimenting on photoshop with fonts like these.
     The next logo I chose was The Doors because this is an iconic logo from the 60s and 70s, its also iconic for West American, especially California, culture.
Firstly, it is eye catching. You can't really make it out from far away but when you look closer you see 'The doors' in two different fonts. The 'The' part is very late 60's and early 70's psychedelic font - exuberantly wavy, getting thick at the bottom and thinner on the top and it already gives you the idea that with this font, the band will be a psychedelic band into long solos and layers of instrumentals. The 'doors' part is.. its hard to explain, a mix of a few fonts. Firstly it gives of an Alien vibe, not from this planet.. weird language looks like code? Its also like a stencil font, that you would see graffitied on a freight train or something. Also I think that its kind of like early movie posters, like a 1930's film. This font is very 'straight' very within the box, within the guidelines; lots of straight lines, everything very neat and in place. I like this logo, which is why I chose it - its eye catching, I think I will maybe experiment with this or a similar font but, maybe also combine it with another font to make it a completely new look.
     The Next logo I chose, I am not really a fan of the band but, it was in my head so I searched it and it turns out their logo is pretty iconic amongst cult followers of their music. The band is Opeth.

This logo, straight off you can tell that they are not a pop-group from California. Extremely influenced by gothic writing, maybe even some Elvish or rune language. This logo looks like it is used to catch your eye (it did = why I chose it), it is bold with a big emphasis on the O. Although its cool-looking, with the gothic font, it may be misleading, the O looks more like a G, or a weird F and I. So I won't be using anything like this on my poster/album cover.
The next image I have chosen is the Misfits logo. I chose this because without the text you would already know what band it is. This image has become a 'cult' image amongst not only fans but other people aswell, average working class people to celebrities. The font is dark, eroded and accentuates the band's dark, gothic and grungy style. Its also in capitols, its bold to catch the readers eye and maybe to say 'we're the best' perhaps. 
     The skull is like a 2D stencil, as if an art student has done it - its not perfect, there are teeth missing and it only just resembles a skull. Skulls are well known for advertising metal, goth and rock bands and this is no different. The whole logo reflects the bands look, dark, facepaint/eye-liner, lots of leather, studs and chains. As an image it is well done to market the band and it is a well known logo. The text isn't that well known with the band, as in.. if you saw another people of text in the same font you wouldn't think 'misfits'. It is like the font of an old horror film, its jagged, out of place almost but still all together works well.
     The last logo I have chosen is BLACK FLAG. This, much like the previous images is a cult image used on tshirts and other merchandise. Black Flag were considered to be the first punk rock band in the late 70's. The iconic four black rectangles are synonymous with the band and punk music in general. Even though it is so simplistic, music experts say its 'the perfect logo', I don't see it, its just a few black rectangles but even I know the band, recognising the logo from when I was younger. The font is standard. Bold, capitol and black, standing out on a white background. I've had ideas for things like this - simple fonts and simple logos, I will post a sheet of logo ideas in the next week.
     So all in all I found out that, much like photography, you can create a masterpiece by accident. Or you can spend years trying to perfect a bands image and not quite getting there. I will try though.

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